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The Civic Amenities Committee has released their Draft Civic Amenities Strategic Plan for comments and review

- Draft Civic Amenities Strategic Plan (Abridged)
- Importance of Developing Civic Amenities for the Six-County Capital Region (Video)
- PowerPoint Presentation - Draft Civic Amenities Strategic Plan
- Civic Amenities Project Description
- Sample Letter of Endorsement for Civic Amenities Strategic Plan


Across the region, the Sacramento Metro Chamber has been out front as the leading VOICE OF BUSINESS, acting to ensure your prosperity and the area’s economic recovery. We act to:

• Protect Your Right to Do Business
• Improve Business Conditions
• Support Business-Friendly Candidates
• Preserve Your Bottom Line

Government action good and bad everywhere requires constant monitoring. The Metro Chamber moves quickly to support what improves business conditions and to oppose what harms business prosperity. Recently, Metro Chamber actions include:

"Taxes and regulations are becoming a reality more so than ever for my small business. That’s why I support Metro Chamber business advocacy and political action. The chamber works for me, being where I can’t be to make sure my business stays in business."

Gordon Fowler, 
owner of 3-Fold Communications, 
and a Metro Chamber Board Member

  • Strongly opposing a proposed Business Operations Tax in Sacramento that would have increased the cap on the tax from $5,000 to $50,000. | Details. The chamber's vociferous opposition was successful in stopping the proposed increase | Bee article | Bee Op-Ed

  • Supporting proposed state legislation to increase research tax credit by 30% for businesses.

  • Opposing 75% increase in city business operations tax.

  • Opposing regressive city policy that could result in harm by boycott of local businesses.

  • Advocating to streamline state and federal American With Disability Act guidelines.

  • Advocating to prevent foreclosures of SBA 504 loans.

  • Supporting training services to improve employee skills.

  • Supporting the right of employees to free and private elections.

  • Opposing the split roll property tax on business.  

  • Fighting to get small business concession opportunities at Sacramento International Airport.

    Although the Metro Chamber always stands guard for business, lately the forces arrayed to tax and regulate commerce have multiplied dramatically. We are fighting harder for your prosperity and for the pursuit of the American dream. And we need your help. We are energized—and you should be too!

    You can help the chamber help your business in ways that are distinct and appropriate for your business:

    1) If you are a member, be sure your dues are current.
    2) If you are not a member, join now.
    3) Support the chamber’s political action committee—Metro PAC—which is now focusing on the November election.
    4) Meet a candidate for office and be your own VOICE OF BUSINESS.
    5) Sponsor a Metro Chamber event that relates to your business interests.
    6) Attend or bring a colleague to a Metro Chamber event to see how the chamber is working for business.

As the largest and most influential business organization in the Sacramento region, the Metro Chamber champions positions on a range of issues from small business and regulatory affairs to flood protection, goods movement and workforce development.

The Metro Chamber believes that issues impacting our economy and quality of life are regional in nature, crossing political and jurisdictional boundaries. That is why we encourage a cooperative approach to address and solve important issues. Regional cooperation gives business and civic leaders as a competitive advantage, enabling our region to more effectively compete with other regions across California and the nation for increasingly scarce State and federal resources.



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